The Project

I realized one day that I was living my life in the negative.   I could see all the bad things in my life and in the world but struggled to find the good.  I knew that a change needed to be made, but I wasn't sure what.  I mean, how do you change the world?

The answer: One step at a time

So I started with the first and most obvious step, change what I could control.  Me.

My story starts about 2.5 years ago.  I had been having so many issues with eating.  No matter what I did, I would get sick after meals.  I had been to the doctor, had tests performed, and still had no answers.  I finally turned to a nutritionist who took me off grains and dairy.  She also said no gluten but I have alread been off gluten for over four years.  I made these dietary changes had seen a difference, but she also suggested Juice Plus. I am a big believer in natural medicine and the power of food, so when I looked into I couldn’t say no.  I mean look at that!!!! How can you say no to fruits and veggies??!?

I had bronchitis when I finally started taking the Juice Plus trio.  I was surprised to find that I still had energy, even while sick.  Since then I have noticed many positive changes.  I have energy. I sleep better. If I take a few extra vineyard I can kill a small headache and even a migraine.  I can sleep much better.  I don’t feel bloated any more (even during that time of the month).  I don’t have any brain fog any more.  I have lost weight.  My cravings have been greatly reduced and I’m not hungry all day long.  What a HUGE difference!!
It is suggested that you get 6-13 servings of good, fresh, raw, non-gmo fruits and vegtables each day. You need this to help your body repair and rejuvenate itself.  I know I am getting all I need now. That along with a good amount of sleep.  I exercise 5 days a week and I have been drinking more water have all made me feel better.  I know my body has all it needs to run properly. 
Along with changes to my diet and health, I also decided I needed to live each day in the positive.  By projecting that positive to those around me, a true change could be made.  So I decided to start with how I lived my life.  How I ate.  How I acted towards my family and friends.  How I saw each and every day.  

With all the negativity around us, why not join me in a change for the positive?  A positive attitue towards the world, and a positive change in your health.  It's easier than you think and together it's a journey we can make!